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On Demand: Security Controls for ITAR/EAR Data: webinar to understand your Regulated Data [1/1/2023-12/31/2023]

Security Controls for ITAR/EAR Data Webinar

To understand your Regulated Data and where to begin?


Join the AITC, NAITA and Cocoon for a Webinar on Security Controls for ITAR Data


  1. Introduction to AITC/NAITA
  1. Cocoon Data Introduction
  1. Regulations and CMMC Introduction
  1. ITAR/EAR Data Export Controls and overlap with CMMC
  1. How the controls need to follow the data
  1. Case Study
  1. How To Solve this Issue
  1. Q+A

Speaker: Nick Martin

Nick began his career as an IT Specialist in the United States Navy. With over 10 years experience in Information Security he dedicates himself to protecting America and her allies on the digital battlefield. His efforts continue today as a certified CMMC Compliance Planner to help the Defense Industrial Base protect sensitive information. Nick joined Cocoon Data to advance the vision of the democratization of advanced security for all companies, large and small. As the Director of US GovCloud Operations and FedRAMP for Cocoon Data it is his mission to educate and guide organizations in the betterment of security and compliance with tools that are easy to use.

Cocoon Data is a cybersecurity company with sophisticated patented technology in the secure file sharing arena. Our early days of product growth and development were supported by the Intelligence and Defense Communities. Today we are one of the preferred providers in the US for ITAR and CMMC compliant secure file sharing solutions across the Defense Industry. In the UK we are the trusted cloud file collaboration tool for all UK banks in relation to Open Banking.

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