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Alabama Small Business Development Center Network

Thinking about using QuickBooks? Introduction [7/7/2022 5:30p-6:30pm]




What our instructor Rich has to say about himself:

My background in the financial services area spans over 33 years with an exposure to a wide variety of personal benefit, investment, and insurance oriented questions from customers.  This included helping them through retirement issues, such as retirement health insurance, rolling over their 401ks, and consulting on pension distribution choices. 

Through this work experience, I discovered there was a need for people to have assistance with their financial record keeping and meeting their daily money management needs.  This pointed out that there might be a market for these services that some accountants, lawyers and financial planners may not provide.  I realized that this also holds true for the small business owner.

At that point I decided to put my experience to use as a Daily Money Manager (DMM) by assisting individuals and small businesses with their financial organizational needs and I established Positive Financial Solutions LLC.

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