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Too Hot Mamas

too hot mamas logoWe are the Stones, Brenda and Cindy, not sistas, just too hot mamas. We became the owners of Too Hot Mamas in December 2018 and have loved every minute, no matter the challenges. We value our local and out of town customers and want each and every person’s experience to be happy and fun.

Too Hot Mamas opened 18 years ago under different ownership. We were presented with the opportunity to purchase the business in 2018. Cindy and I met each other when she moved to Foley and purchased my home ten years ago. We became fast friends. At the time I was working at Too Hot Mamas for the original owner. On a walk one day I mentioned to Cindy the owner would sell within the year. Cindy said let’s buy it. As We began to plan to purchase the store everything started to fall in place. Cindy has always said it was meant to be. We share the same last name, we aren’t sisters, just Too Hot Mamas.

When we decided to purchase our store, we visited multiple financial institutions. It was difficult to obtain a loan. We began to research ways to raise or gain capital to start our business. We found SBA online and contacted Yolanda Johnson. Yolanda shared information and resources with us on how to obtain loans. We were able procure a loan from M & M Bank.

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Yolonda has helped us each time we have called with a business question. She is expeditious, well versed in small business affairs, and is a wealth of knowledge. Yolonda educated us on how to work through PPP lending, and disaster recovery during Hurricane Salty. Yolonda is accessible and provides insight that helps us determine which paths to choose for our business. We consider Yolonda to be a valuable advisor that helps us continue to be successful.

We have kept some of the same brands. We buy quality merchandise and have superb service. We are your personal shoppers and take pride in finding unique dothing and accessories for our clients. We recently moved from Orange Beach to Gulf Shores. The new site allowed us to combine our men’s and women’s stores. The move is essential to our growth and success. Located on Highway 59, we have high visibility and accessibility to residents and tourist visiting the beaches.

COVlD-19 and Hurricane Sally were the biggest challenges we have faced since owning the store. We reserve and purchase our clothing lines six months before the seasons start. When the spring line arrived, our doors closed. Clothing stores are a non-essential business. We were forced to remain closed for a few months; the island was slow to open even after we were able to open our store. Not having an online presence intensified the challenge of staying afloat. We started making commercials and posting them on Facebook. We reinvented ourselves. We were able to show our personalities through the commercials and gain a larger following online and in the store once we re-opened. We started selling clothing through our Facebook ads and commercials. In September Sally hit; our store and clothing were damaged due to severe building leaks. The basement parking flooded, and we were again unable to serve our walk-in clients. We continued to build our on line presence. Without the PPP and SBA loans, and insurance we would not have a business today. Yolanda’s advise helped us navigate devastating challenges In our business infancy that were essential to our survival.

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We continue to expand our brands locating unique swimsuits, clothing, and accessories for our clients. We love our clients. We want people to feel good and look good. We offer clothing and swimsuits from size XS to 4X; style comes In all sizes. We have fully remodeled our new space and have ample parking for clients. We Invested In our marketing plan by hiring 6AM Digital to redesign our web page and advise us on increasing our reach via social media apps like Facebook and lnstagram.

We are members or the Gulf Shores Chamber of Commerce. Each year we collect food and toys donating them to the Christian Service Center. In 2022 we gave the Zoo $5.00 for each pair of leggmgs sold. In 2023 we ran a round up campaign for the Gulf Shores Zoo and donated clothing to the Island Church. Our 2023 donations totaled over $5,000.
We host and participate in fashions shows, helping to increase fundraising efforts at the Foley Senior Center, Gulf Shores Women’s Club, and The Orange Beach Garden Club.

As women owners, we are proud to own a business and provide personal service to our visrtors and community. We pride ourselves on making people look and feel good. We work to find the right fit for all our clients. We know It is difficult to find clothing that Is fun, colorful, and fits everyone. We feel, as women, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right suit, the right fit, or that perfect beach wear. Our experience and product knowledge allow us to select clothing for our clients that flatter their body style and increases their confidence.

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