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Alabama Small Business Development Center Network
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Economic Impact

The Alabama SBDC brings jobs to Alabama’s people, stability to our communities, and innovation to our economy.

We create possibilities for prosperity for the state’s most important economic engine by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners SURVIVE difficult times and THRIVE in blue sky days.  Since FY 2016, Alabama SBDCs provided 73,456 hours of consulting to 9,546 client businesses, and hosted 583 training events for 21,545 attendees, creating a significant positive impact on Alabama’s economy.

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Impact Snapshot

The Alabama SBDC releases an Economic Impact Snapshot annually.  This summary report includes economic impact data such as jobs created, new business starts, capital infusion, government contracts, advising hours, total number of companies served, and total number of training events + attendees.  The report includes ROI data that shows how many additional tax dollars are generated for the state and federal government for every dollar invested in the SBDC program.

Ensuring Adequate Coverage

Alabama SBDC Demographics

The Alabama SBDC carefully monitors and manages the the demographic and geographic diversity of its clients.  Each quarter, the SBDC analyzes its client database to ensure that every constituent in Alabama is able to access to expert business advisors and research at the SBDC.  Our goal is to ensure that minority-, woman-, and veteran-owned businesses are well-represented.  The SBDC conducts a county-by-county analysis of clients, to ensure that both our rural and metro areas are receiving an appropriate level of assistance.  The SBDC is intentional with its efforts to target and engage under-represented and under-served entrepreneurs and small business owners.

SBDC Clients Have Greater Sales, Add More Jobs Than Average Small Business

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